Past Snowbird RC Events

Wasatch Wildflower Festival

Snowbird RC puts on many events, both in summer and in winter. In addition to the varied musical festivals, such as The Cool Air Concert Series, Snowbird Mountain Music Festival, Rock & Blues Festival, and the Bluegrass Festival, they also present theater performances, educational classes, and other activities that enhance human understanding. Below are just a few events that have been enjoyed by the public in past years.

Back Country Awareness Week

Utah has many incredible and wondrous areas that both residents and visitors can enjoy. However, being respectful to these areas is important and, which is the purpose of Awareness Week. People can either check out Snowbird’s Back Country Safety Courses or visit the UAC website to learn from the experts.

The Summit Gala

The Grand Party, presented by the Snowbird Renaissance Center, is always a big hit, featuring delicious food and drink and an outdoor gear auction.

Grill on the Hill BBQ Championship & Brew Festival

Top chefs compete for $10,000 in this Kansas City BBQ Society-sanctioned event. It includes a local brew fest that features some of the best local beers. In addition to watching the competition, sample products are also available as the chefs battle it out.

Brewfest and BBQ

Wasatch Wildflower Festival

Celebrating wildflowers is what this festival is all about. This event also teaches how to protect the wildflowers so that their beauty can be experienced for years to come.


If you like looking at the stars, this is a great event. Local astronomers present an informative educational experience that is followed by an aerial tram ride to the top of Hidden Peak in Snowbird.